Traveling "evangelical evolutionist" making pit stop preachings in D-FW

Pegasus News

By Chad Jones

Reverend Michael Dowd has been technically homeless for the past six years, roaming the fifty states in his Dodge Sprinter (named "Angel"), speaking to hundreds of congregations a year.

He's on a mission, he says, to proclaim the gospel. The "Gospel of Evolution," that is.

Accompanied by Connie Barlow, his acclaimed evolution writer spouse, Dowd espouses a theology that moves away from biblical literalism, views science as sacred, and proclaims the 13.7 billion year epic of evolution as "our common creation story."

This week, Dowd is in Dallas to give presentations and promote his new book, Thank God For Evolution! — a 400-page explication of his brand of Evolution Theology. Not that it needs much promotion, mind you; it's been touted by 5 Nobel Laureates, and it is offered free for download in its entirety (no joke) via his website.

Dowd, an ordained Christian minister, was raised Roman Catholic but "didn't feel called to celibacy," so he became Baptist. It wasn't until his college years at Evangel University that he learned of evolution.

"What most people don't know is that most evangelical colleges actually teach evolution," Dowd said. "I had no idea, and I rejected it at first, then eventually came to accept evolution in the way you accept death and texas - begrudgingly." Gradually, he began to passionately embrace his current beliefs, ones that give a "God's eye view" to Darwinian theory.

This week, Dowd drove (the Sprinter, of course) over to the PegasusNews office for a chat.

> Watch video of Chad's interview with Rev. Dowd