Thank God for Evolution!

WIE Unbound

Michael Dowd is on a mission from God–the God of Evolution, that is. A former evangelical minister and protégé of the great Thomas Berry, Dowd travels around the United States spreading what he calls a new gospel (aka: The Great Story or Evolutionary Christianity), an all encompassing cosmic story that he hopes will serve as the basis for a new and universal spiritual mythos capable of bridging the gap between science and religion, faith and the future of the humanity. In this exclusive Unbound interview, Dowd speaks with Carter Phipps about his work, his life on the road (for the last four years!), and his vision of a great Wilberian transcend-and-include flip he hopes will help propel us from a “my God vs. your God”, “my belief vs. your fact” world into one where a higher unity founded on evolutionary truths, awe-inspiring scientific fact, and yes—religious order—might one day prevail.

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