Carmel Higgins, Moncton, NB Canada

Wow! I’m reeling! I’ve just started reading “Thank God for Evolution!” and feel I must share my enthusiasm for this magnificent tome. My first impression is that only a passionate, energetic, and committed evolutionary evangelist could compile and compact such a wealth of information on science and religion all in one place.

Most impressive is how the book draws from the expertise and knowledge of so many others on the same journey. In other words, this book is not only about private revelations and traditional beliefs it is also based primarily on ongoing public revelations and on the new cosmic story that is now emerging in human consciousness. Scanning ahead from page 100, I’m convinced this timely book is for everybody: for those who speak in tongues as well as for those who hear “God’s native tongue” speaking clearly and truthfully through deep contemporary knowledge and through the scientific facts.

Well done, Michael! You must be walking on cloud nine, as you well deserve to be. Who knows where this book will lead: Oprah? Larry King? A movie? Yours is a “Great Work” indeed! Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge, and vision with the world, and thank God for evolution and for new spiritual directions for our time.

Carmel Higgins
Moncton, NB Canada

Carmel Higgins holds a certificate in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University in Oakland, California and is the author of the book Cosmic Fire/Local Sparks: My Journey into the Universe Story.

Carmel Higgins, Moncton, NB Canada