Documentary: My Take on Evolutionary Christianity


A 27-minute documentary on the ‘evolutionary gospel’ I share with virtually all religious and secular audiences aired last week on New Hampshire Public Television. Connie and I both consider it to be a fabulous introduction to my particular (evangelical naturalist) flavor of Evolutionary Christianity. Many of my guests in this teleseries have a somewhat different view, I am quite sure. I see this as a good and healthy thing. There are many ways to be an evolutionary Christian, but what we all seem to share are deep-time eyes, a global heart, and minds that value evidence as divine revelation.

The documentary (also here) centers on an interview that was conducted by Phil Vaughn and the NHPTV film crew just before an evening program I delivered in late November at the Friends Meeting in Dover, NH. Interspersed are fragments of my actual presentation, along with excerpts of an Evolutionary Christianity dvd made years ago (an obviously younger me!) that is available here.

You can freely access online the entire, hour-long digital program used as the content for this presentation, with my voice overlayed, by clicking here.

The program is titled: Evolutionize Your Life: Heaven Is Coming Home to Reality (alt. title: “Deep-Time Wisdom: An Inspiring Vision of Humanity’s Future“). It has become the main presentation I’m now delivering in all religious and non-religious contexts. I get invited to speak in both settings quite often and, so far at least, these ideas have been well received wherever I’ve presented them.

I delivered an early version of the same at the United Nations in April 2009.

The best written articulation of how I see Christianity evolving is my recent public debate with Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, over what I see as the radical difference between evolutionary faith and literalist faith. (Connie thinks it’s the best thing I’ve written since TGFE):

Biblical Christianity Is Bankrupt

The NY Times iNewp service: “The People’s Press” even picked up on it and ran it as a series. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. The most readable version, however, is this printable PDF.

Finally, just this morning I wrote the following blog post that speaks to why I'm so passionate about sharing with Christians and others, what I like to call, "the gospel according to science":

Evolution Isn't About Darwin; It's About REAL Salvation!

Please do let me know what you honestly think of any or all of the following in the comments section below: (1) documentary, (2) "Evolutionize Your Life" program, (3) "Biblical Christianity Is Bankrupt" article, or (4) "Evolution Isn't About Darwin..." blog post, even if you consider me a heretic! 

Please do not spare my feelings! After all, radically honest feedback may be the the most helpful tool of all in helping any of us to evolve, personally, professionally, or relationally.

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