I'm Gonna Be a Grandpa (It's a Girl)!

Sheena and Jon on horses

My daughter Sheena Stevens and her husband Jon are both in the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. (The picture to the left is the two of them on their honeymoon in Jamaica last year.)

Sheena and Jon are both truly amazing. Among other things, they've both been wrestlers on the USMC wrestling team! (Yes, that's right, even though I'm 6' tall, 190 lbs, and in good shape, my "little girl" can kick my butt. More, I'd be willing to bet she can kick yours too. :-)

In any event, a couple months ago Sheena, a Staff Sergeant Osprey Helicoptor instructor, called and told me she was pregnant. Then just a few minutes ago she called and told me that the results of the ultrasound revealed that she's carrying a girl. (Her due date is November 22.)

I'm feeling an ecstatic emotion I've never quite felt before.

I like this!!