Nov 19 Cancer Update: 2 Weeks of Fever

Clouds hovering over Puget Sound

Humility is a good thing in my book and boy have I been humbled these past two weeks!  Since my last (rather rosey) update I've mostly been in bed with a fever that fluxuates between 100.0 and 101.4.  Only the last three days have i been relatively fever free. My oncologist wisely choose to move my 5th chemotherapy infusion from last Thursday, November 12, to today, November 19 (my 50th birthday).  This was wise because Dr. Green said that knocking down my immune system with chemo while my body was fighting something (flu? infection?) could be a potentially lethal combination.  If I were to develop a serious bacterial infection, I could go from feeling fine to dead in less than 48 hours.  (Certainly didn't sound like fun to me. :-)

In any event, I'm feeling really great today, and am undergoing chemotherapy as I type. 

That's all for now.  Will post again in another week or two.