"Friends of Michael and Connie"

Michael (bald) and Connie, with starfield

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The main way we've generated income during the last eight years of itinerant ministry has been through selling books and DVDs after our programs, plus the honoraria we sometimes received for speaking. Now because of my cancer diagnosis and our need to stay in one place for treatment, we are being forced to evolve from primarily itinerant to mostly Internet forms of evolutionary evangelism and education. Given that it will take time to build a viable Internet ministry, however, we still need to generate income in the next six months to help make ends meet. As one dear friend admonished,

Michael, for the better part of a decade you and Connie have been on a mission to ensure a better future for us all. You've traveled the continent non-stop living out of your van, with no home base, and you've made a real difference in the lives of countless people. Through your writings, websites, and presentations, you've been giving, giving, giving. But now it's time to receive. There's lots of us who would love to support you and your ministry during these trying times, and beyond. Just tell us how.

So here's the "Friends of Michael and Connie" vision in a nutshell:

We envision those donating to our ministry on a one-time or monthly basis getting special attention and opportunities to interact with us on a regular basis. For example, we expect to begin monthly teleconference calls with Friends next month, using MaestroConference (which allows lots of interactivity). In this way, Connie and I will get to share what we're most passionate about, respond to questions, and walk people through the volumes of cool educational/inspirational stuff on our TheGreatStory.org, ThankGodforEvolution.com, and ThankGodforEvolution.net websites. We will announce the dates and times of such calls in an email that we'll send out to our list in November. We imagine other benefits of being a "Friend of Michael and Connie" as well, but one or two monthly MaestroConference calls feels fun and easily doable in the short run.

For those who are not familiar with what exactly "our ministry" is...

We share the science-based, evolutionary history of everyone and everything (our common creation story) in hopeful, faith-enhancing ways, and in ways that inspire people to cooperate across ethnic and religious differences in service of a just and thriving future for all. We also show how an understanding of human nature given by evolutionary brain science and evolutionary psychology can help each of us live with greater integrity, love, and compassion.

A short list of projects that Connie and I are currently working on can be found here. Of course, in addition (or instead) of offering a tax-deductible recurring monthly donation, another way that you can support our ministry and help spread the good news of a sacred evolutionary understanding is by purhasing DVDs of our best and most popular programs, and then freely burning copies for others, or have Kinkos do so, as we discuss here

And if having your donation be tax-deductible is not important to you, and you simply wish to offer a contribution in gratitude for some product or service you've received from us, such as our new podcast series or anything else that you value on our websites, or just because you like us or believe in what we're doing, you can do that here.

Finally, we are looking/hoping/praying for someone highly skilled in working with email lists who would be excited to volunteer to help us manage ours. If that sounds like you, please email me at: Michael(at)ThankGodforEvolution.com  Thanks!

BTW...Connie and I do have catastrophic health insurance ($10,000 deductible) and are immensely grateful for friends in the Puget Sound region who are providing us shelter during the months of my chemotherapy and radiation at the University of Washington Medical Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Your prayers and well-wishes are greatly appreciated!

Our address through the end of 2009: 5246 Mutiny Bay Rd., Freeland, WA 98249. Phone: 425-760-9941

Click HERE to support our work through a one-time tax-deductible gift or monthly donation of $5 or more. Click HERE if it's not important to you that your donation be tax-deductible. Thanks!!