I Have Cancer: Staying in Seattle Area Thru Feb 2010

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Two weeks ago (August 27) I discovered that I had a tumor the size of a squashed tennis ball in my spleen.  A biopsy was done the next day at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle and the pathology report says I have "diffuse large B cell lymphoma".

Two days ago Connie and I met with an oncologist, Dr. Damian Green, at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  I'm scheduled for more tests next week and to begin R-CHOP chemotherapy next Thursday, September 17 (8:30am PDT).  I'm to have 6 chemotherapy infusions over 4 months: every 3 weeks through the end of the year.  Then, if needed, I'll undergo surgery or radiation in January.

Obviously, we're at least temporarily suspending our itinerant lifestyle.

The good news is that apparently there's a decent (40-60%) chance that I'll survive this.  (Sure would be nice! :-)  Throughout this fall we'll be staying with our dear friends, Terra Anderson and Tom Buxton, on Whidbey Island (address below).  I cannot imagine a more peaceful, nurturing, supportive context.

Amazingly, Connie and I are doing really, really well.  We're deeply in love and feeling lots of trust and gratitude.  (Knowing that people of virtually every religious tradition, and precious non-religious friends as well, are holding us in their hearts is an extraordinary feeling.)  We are at peace no matter what happens AND we're committed to doing everything we can to ensure a healthy outcome.  If possible, we also hope to get lots of creative work done (projects that we simply cant' tackle when we're traveling town to town, schlepping boxes in and out of people's homes every few days.  

Connie should be able to do a few long-term creative projects no matter what.  I'll just have to see what I have energy for, given the chemotherapy regimen.

I've been saying for years that, "Reality is my God" and, "Integrity [being in right relationship with Reality] is my religion".  It's good to really feel it in my gut and heart these days.

Life really is sacred.  Cherish it!

Thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes.

With deepest gratitude for all life's gifts, however and whenever they show up,

~ Michael


Given the amount of email I receive, I will look and read but may not be able to reply to all email communications.  Thanks for understanding! 

Here's our mailing address through the end of 2009:

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Freeland, WA 98249

PS. If you happen to have skill and/or wisdom you'd be willing to share re online marketing, teleclasses, webinars, and so forth., please let me know.  We've been itinerant evolutionary evangelists for nearly eight years.  Now I'm needing to learn how to be an Internet evolutionary evangelist.  A mentor or two or three would be a real treat. 

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UPDATE: (Fri, 9/18) First infusion of chemotherapy went well yesterday.
No complications.  Feeling great.  PET scan, bone marrow biopsy, and
CT scan all showed no cancer except in and around my spleen and
stomach.  Life is good!  Lots of gratitude, trust, passionate, resolve,
and the support of others.  Heavenly!   I don't have to wait to die to
experience the 'peace that passes all understanding'.  By grace, it's
mine now, thanks to living in integrity ("in Christ) (see chapters 11
and 12 in TGEF).  Evolutionary spirituality, because it
is reality-based, not just belief-based, provides more  trust,
gratitude, inspiration, comfort, and a sense of belonging than the
biblical writers with their so-called supernatural interpretations of
the private revelations of their day could have possibly experienced.
What a glorious, amazing time to be alive!