6th Nobel Laureate Endorsement: Charles Townes

Nobel medals

Charles H. Townes, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1964 for his work with lasers, and who was also awarded the 2005 Templeton Prize for his pioneering science and religion reconciliation work, emailed me this morning to offer the following endorsement...

"I read Thank God for Evolution with much pleasure and interest. I found it to be a very thoughtful, knowledgeable, and pertinent discussion, covering challenging and important issues with scholarship and insight."

A few hours later, Charlie (who turned 95 last week) called me on my cell phone and we had a nice chat.  I must confess that having an email exchange and a phone conversation on the same day with one of the geat scientists of the 20th Century was a real treat!

You can read about Dr. Townes' stellar career and long list of accomplishments here, here and here, and about his current interests and research projects here.

And  for those interested, all six endorsements of TGFE from Nobel Prize-winning scientists (pictures too) can be found HERE.

Life is good!