Grand Canyon Revies, Part 2

grand canyon 2

Until we appreciate what God has revealed in the last 200 years about how everything was actually created and why death at all levels is necessary—until we GET that—we can't help but belittle God and trivialize the core concepts of our faith.

For example, you can't possibly know how God created the heavens and Earth if you don't understand supernovas. You can't know how God created soil, lakes, oceans, and mountains if you don't understand glaciers and plate tectonics. And only by understanding extinctions and why they're essential for the emergence of complex life could we learn how God created us.

Moses, King David, Jesus, and the Apostle Paul couldn't have possibly known how God created everything. Prior to 200 years ago, mythic beliefs were as good as you could get. A thousand Einsteins living a thousand years ago—or even just a few hundred years ago—couldn't have known about extinctions, evolution, glaciers, plate tectonics, and supernovas. We needed telescopes, microscopes, and the scientific method before God could reveal those things.

* * * 

Science reveals more of "God's ways", "God's word", and "God's will" for today than the biblical writers could have ever hoped to. And if any of them were alive today they'd be the first to shout "Amen!"

Darwin didn't kill off God. He gave us the first glimpse of the real Creator behind and beyond all the world's mythic portrayals of the divine.

Claiming that evolution is of the devil and that all the evils of the world can be attributed to Darwin, as many creationists do, is by definition blasphemous. It is labeling as evil that which is actually divine.

When we value what God revealed thousands of years ago over what God is revealing today, we inevitably betray our Creator. We also belittle the gospel, and we risk condemning our children and grandchildren to a literal hell on Earth.

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