Creatheism: Evolutionary Emergence Ends the Theism-Atheism Debate


The tired old theism vs. atheism debate makes no sense in a world of evolutionary emergence.  "Theism", "atheism", "pantheism" and "deism", are all belief-based worldviews that came into being long before an evidential, knowledge-based view of Reality was available.  In an evolutionary context, these god-isms (at least as traditionally formulated)  are outdated, misleading, and unnecessarily divisive.  Now that we measurably know how our world was created, over billions of years, and now that we also know why metaphorical images of Reality are not only natural but inevitable, we can move beyond such dead-end debates and get on with the Great Work of cooperating on behalf of a thriving future for all.  As I discuss at length in Part II of Thank God for Evolution, "Reality is Speaking" (chapters 4-7), the "creatheistic" worldview offered by the Epic of Evolution transcends and includes these pre-evolutionary distinctions by honoring the gifts and limitations of each, while showing how a sacred, deep-time view of emergence utterly transforms the conversation.  I'll write more about this in future blog posts.