Rev. Michael Dowd shares insights behind ‘Thank God for Evolution’

San Marcos Daily Record

The San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will present where the Rev. Michael Dowd will offer a discussion covering the major themes of his 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution, How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World.

Residents are invited to learn how, in Dowd's opinion, our modern understanding of the universe, as given by mainstream science, builds bridges, provides guidance, and restores realistic hope for individuals and families, for humanity, and for the body of life as a whole.

The State Board of Education of Texas voted recently to abandon a longtime state requirement that high school science teachers cover what some critics consider to be "weaknesses" in the theory of evolution. Regarding the battle between science and religion in public schools and churches, Rev. Dowd offers a prediction.

"Until the majority of churches in America preach evolution enthusiastically from the pulpit and teach evolution in inspiring ways in religious education classes, we will never see an end to the science and religion war in America," Dowd said.