Best 2007-2008 Blog Posts & Interviews


One of the delightful challenges that Connie and I face in our Great Story-telling ministry is trying to speak meaningfully to a wide variety of religious and non-religous groups. What follows are what I and others consider to be my best blog posts written during the past year and a half (since I began blogging), and the best interviews with me or us.


In our first seven years of teaching and preaching evolution together, we have been invited to present sermons, seminars, evening programs, or multiday workshops in more than 600 churches, convents, monasteries, and spiritual centers across the continent, including liberal and conservative Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Unitarian Universalist, Unity, Religious Science, Quaker, Mennonite, Jewish, and Buddhist groups. Here are 2007-2008 posts of mine that the devoutly religious, as well as the nominally religious, tend to find inspiring, provocative, or both:




In addition to speaking in numerous and widely diverse kinds of churches and other religious settings over the last seven years, from very liberal groups to very conservative ones, Connie and I have also presented audience-appropriate versions of our science-based 'gospel of evolution' message in more than a hundred secular settings, including colleges, high schools, grade schools, public libraries, environmental groups, intentional communities, food co-ops, nature centers, and even an occasional zoo. What follows are past posts that non-religious, science-oriented folk (humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and atheists) tend to appreciate: