Responses to Our Public Presentations


Since the beginning of our full-time itinerant evo-evangelistic work, in early 2002, Connie and I have addressed more than a thousand religious and non-religious audiences across North America. We are both humbled and thrilled at how the Evolution Theology (Evo-Theo) message we have been called to communicate resonates with the vast majority of those to whom we've presented, from Catholics and Quakers, to Baptists and Buddhists, to UUs and gurus. We are also grateful for the generous, enthusiastic comments of Nobel laureates and other science and religion luminaries who read Thank God for Evolution (TGFE) and offered their feedback and endorsements. I wrote about responses from science leaders a few weeks ago and about responses from religous leaders yesterday. What follows is a sampling of responses to our sermons, seminars, and other public presentations, from teachers in various secular and religious contexts, as well as from religious leaders and congregants across the theological spectrum, grouped by religous orientation.

I share this not because I think Connie and I are so great. We're not. We are just two flawed people on a mission, doing what we feel compelled to do and doing it the best we can given our unique sets of gifts and limitations. I share these stories and quotes to highlight the fact that many religous people from very different backgrounds and traditions have come to embrace a view of science in general and evolution, specifically, that strengthens and deepens their faith, fills them with hope, and enriches their lives in nearly every conceivable way. For those of us who have experienced this, we celebrate evolution not merely as 'the Truth' of how everything was divinely created, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, because it is so utterly beautiful—and useful! By 'beautiful', I mean awesome, meaningful, inspiring—eliciting our deepest love, trust, gratitude, and co-operative service. By 'useful', I mean practical, fruitful, empowering—an enormous blessing to our lives, our relationships, and our world.

Responses to Our Public Presentations:

STORIES OF AWAKENING (most inspiring!)
From Colleges, Academics, and Researchers
From K-12 Students and Teachers
From Christian Churches and Monestaries
From Unitarian Universalists
From Unity, Religious Science, and Other New Thought Churches
From Retreat Centers, Environmental Groups, and Others