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In addition to speaking in numerous and widely diverse kinds of churches and other religious settings over the last seven years, from very liberal groups to very conservative ones, Connie and I have also presented audience-appropriate versions of our science-based 'gospel of evolution' message in more than a hundred secular settings, including colleges, high schools, grade schools, public libraries, environmental groups, intentional communities, food co-ops, nature centers, and even an occasional zoo. What follows are posts of mine written during the past year that non-religious, science-oriented folk (humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and atheists) tend to appreciate:

Science Leaders Praise Thank God for Evolution
Best Evolution Resources
Big History: The Teaching Company
Even Rocks Evolve!
Creationist Confusion / Evolution as Meaningful, Inspiring Fact
A Place at the Podium - guest post by my wife, Connie
Evolve or Perish
‘The Way It Is’ Fallacy
An Atheist Challenge
Responding to Mixed Reviews
Evolution Now
Evolutionary Religious Studies
Waking Up to the Evolutionary Message of Our Times - guest post by Tom Atlee
Responses From Religous Leaders and Congregants
Point of Inquiry, with D.J. Grothe: Part I: Thank God for Evolution
Point of Inquiry, with D.J. Grothe: Part II: The Marriage of Science and Religion
(I also participated in the online forum discussion following these interviews, accessible from either of the above links.)

The Infidel Guy (radio / streaming video of Reggie interviewing me): Audio / Video