Responses from attendees at "AND GOD SAID IT WAS GOOD" Conference, October 17-18, 2008, Marquette University

Rev. Michael Dowd Was the Keynote Presenter (3 Plenary Sessions)...

~  "This is like finding out the earth is round! It opens up new ways of thinking and being."

~  "I appreciated being with fellow human beings who are searching, probing and realizing the great energy, power and magnificence of the new universe story. Listening to Rev. Dowd's wonderful, exciting, informative presentation and participating in the exchange was energizing, thought provoking and inspiring."

~  "Michael Dowd's message opens minds like flowers."

~  "It was uplifting, hopeful, mind & soul expanding and energizing... not just for academics but for everybody."

~  "I came away soul stretched, with a deepening sense that everything is the face of God; all is deeply connected & deeply one."

~  "Such a clear message that allows all traditions to be maintained with now a "New Word" enhancing our scripture, traditions and natural law."

~  "I was immensely impressed about the amount of diligence and thinking that the Roman Catholic communities have already devoted for years to the study of Cosmology."

~  "The US Catholic Bishops Conference needs to hear this. Senator (President Elect) Obama, also!"

~  "This presentation reinforced my perspective of a God that is incredibly, beautifully vast and amazingly intimate at the same time."

~  "The curtain was lifted and I was drawn into overwhelming and exhilarating experience of God's presence in the universe and within my own being. WOW!!! I cannot contain God, God contains me! Very freeing and comforting."

~  "It reinforced what I have always felt and what I now know. It gives me hope, a hope I'll try to pass on to others."