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"Michael, I loved your book. Excellent. Really powerful stuff. We're fortunate to have you on our side (the "our" being humanity). Your discussion of evolutionary integrity was especially meaningful to me. I tried to do something similar to this in a couple of chapters in my book Why Darwin Matters, and in How We Believe, but you're a better preacher than I am! I really hope your book does well. When are you coming back to southern California? I'd like to schedule you to present at Caltech." —Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine, columnist for Scientific American, author of The Mind of the Market, and The Science of Good and Evil

"Thank God for Michael Dowd! That was my reaction as I finished reading Thank GOD for EVOLUTION. How wonderful that a Christian pastor takes the time to understand evolution and discovers that evolution and religion need not be in conflict. Rather much religious inspiration can be drawn from contemplating the immensity of the universe and the magnificent beauty and diversity of the living world. More yet, Michael Dowd is dedicating his life to preaching that the dialogue between evolution and religion can be fulfilling, surely for people of faith, but also for scientists." Francisco J. Ayala, Past President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Professor of Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Irvine, author of Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion

"An itinerant preacher who teaches evolution in the evangelical style? I was skeptical at first, but Dowd remains true to both science and the spirit of religion. He understands that what most people need to accept evolution is not more facts, but an appreciation of what evolution means for our value systems and everyday lives." —David Sloan Wilson, Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology, Binghamton University; author of Evolution for Everyone and Darwin's Cathedral

"Michael Dowd is making an important contribution to the conversation about the relationship of science and religion, and more specifically about evolution and design.  His view, that evolutionary processes, biological or cosmic, rather than challenging faith can deepen our understanding of nature and the divine, is refreshing and opens the way to further productive discourse." —Bruce H. Weber, PhD, FLS, Professor of Biochemistry, California State College Fullerton; Robert H. Woodworth Professor of Science and Natural Philosophy, Bennington College

"Dowd shows that there are many ways to be a spiritual person and that all of them are enriched by an understanding of modern science, especially evolution. This is a creative, provocative book that sheds light on just about any spiritual path one might be on. Many will find their faith revolutionized." —Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education

"Dowd offers us an impassioned vision, forged during his encounters with countless seekers, of how the Great Story can enrich, and indeed make sense of, traditional religious orientations, while leaving plenty of room for readers not comfortable with God language. Thank God for Evolution is refreshing, honest, unpretentious, and deep." —Ursula Goodenough, Professor of Biology, Washington University; author of The Sacred Depths of Nature

"Thank God for Evolution is a voice of sanity and inspiration, revealing a way not only toward a deeper Christianity but a deeper humanity. It inspires faith not that a magical force will save us if we just cling to our old stories but faith in ourselves that if we fully accept the discoveries of science, we can grow as a species, widen our perspective, strengthen ourselves morally for the world we actually live in, and protect our planet and our children's children." —Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams, authors of The View From the Center of the Universe

"Michael Dowd and his wife, Connie Barlow, have committed their lives to showing that you can be a true Darwinian and a truly spiritual person. Thank God for ‘em, and thank God for Michael's new book." —Robert Wright, author of The Moral Animal; Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny; and The Evolution of God

"That evolution is a divine force has not been well appreciated, or articulated, up till now. But through the eff orts of this brave book and others inspired by it, this realization is certain to be more widely embraced in the coming decades." —Kevin Kelly, Founding Editor of Wired Magazine; author of Out of Control

"With passion and wit, Michael Dowd does what very few before him have been able to accomplish--he demonstrates how it is possible to productively blend spirituality and science. In Thank God for Evolution Dowd draws from both science and religion and evokes a world in which evolution and creation are not at odds with each other--and he does so without compromising the basic principles of either." —Michael Zimmerman, Biologist, Founder of The Clergy Letter Project and "Evolution Weekend"

"Thank God for Evolution is clear, well argued, and convincing. Dowd offers an admirable and satisfying solution to the dead-end debates between theists and atheists. He gives even those of us who study evolution for a living a deep appreciation for how evolutionary theory can inspire our lives. His message is open to all faiths, including those who reject faith, and it is a message that is vital for the 21st century." —Richard Sosis, Professor of Anthropology, Connecticut University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"We need to understand our world; but we also need to live ethically within it. To do this, we will have to build a new bridge between science and religion, one that brings together the best and most durable elements in the world’s religious and scientific traditions. Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow are passionate bridge builders, and this book is the articulate and deeply intelligent product of many years of bridge-building. It is superbly written, engaging, and a delight to read." —David Christian, Professor of History, San Diego State University; author of Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History

"Eloquently argues that the bitter conflict between Darwinism and religion is unnecessary. The story of evolution based on science enriches a spiritual approach to creation rather than detracting from it. This book shows how we can recover the timeless virtue of mutual respect, without anyone's having to sacrifice deeply held principles. Uplifting!" —Peter J. Richerson, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science, U.C. Davis, co-author of Not By Genes Alone

"A rare example of an easily readable book, steeped in religious language and religious interests, that celebrates evolution." —Taner Edis, Associate Professor of Physics, Truman State University; author of Science and Nonbelief and An Illusion of Harmony: Science and Religion in Islam

"Michael Dowd's new book should be made into a Hollywood film: An evangelical Christian preacher (Michael) and an atheist evolutionary naturalist (Connie Barlow) fall in love, marry each other, and give birth to their stunning new vision that promises healing for so many. If you love God, if you love the animals, if you love Jesus, if you love the flowers and Sun and Moon, here's the book that will help you gather all these loves together." —Brian Swimme, Professor of Cosmology, California Institution of Integral Studies, San Francisco; coauthor of The Universe Story 

"Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution, performs a crucial service for both religion and science. He shows that religion can embrace the scientifi c account of our origins as its own sacred story without losing any of its spiritual force. At the same time, science has nothing to fear from religion. I have nothing but praise for this book and the work that Michael and his wife, Connie Barlow, are doing as wandering preachers of the good news of the potential harmony of science and religion." —William Irons, Professor of Anthropology, Northwestern University

"Progressive science and progressive religion must join forces if humanity rather than inhumanity is to prevail in the 21st century. Pioneering evolutionary evangelist Michael Dowd is the indispensable new voice now brilliantly bridging the gap from religion's shore." —David Loye, evolutionary systems scientist, author of Darwin's Lost Theory

"Everyone concerned with the deepest questions of science, religion, who we are, and our place in the universe absolutely should read this book!" —Jack Semura, Professor of Physics, Portland State University