Evolution Theology: Religion 2.0


As I and others use the term, Evolution Theology, (a.k.a., Evolutionary Theology, Evo-Theo, or Religion 2.0), refers to those whose theological orientation is grounded in the Epic of Evolution, or Great Story—those whose position on the science vs. religion controversy tends toward reconciliation or synthesis. Evolution Theology points broadly to those who do not see themselves at either end of the polarized debate as it is currently framed (either anti-evolutionary creationism and intelligent design at one end, or anti-religious atheism and anti-theism at the other). New Theists, theistic evolutionists, religious naturalists, evolutionary humanists, emergentists, pantheists, panentheists, and the 11,000+ signers of the Clergy Letter Project may differ in how they integrate evolution and theology , but they all do.