Science Meets Religion ... Amicably?

Tucson Weekly


Two weeks ago, City Week recommended a lecture by Victor Stenger, who avows that modern science disproves the existence of God. In the interest of a multiplicity of perspectives, this week, I urge you to attend a lecture by the Rev. Michael Dowd, whose new book, Thank God for Evolution!, celebrates "the marriage of science and religion."

You may now be thinking, "Huh? I thought intelligent-design theorists were out for Darwinist blood."

But Dowd, a traveling spokesperson for evolution theology, stresses that while he isn't critical of the intelligent-design movement, he realizes it will never appeal to mainstream science.

"The term (design) implies a designer that knew it all ahead of time," Dowd says in interview. According to evolution theology, atoms, molecules, organisms and everything else in the universe are creative units that exist in a layered nesting system. Evolution is one such layer, God another. "God is the largest nesting doll," Dowd says, "a sacred name for ultimate reality and creativity."

In rebuttal to Stenger's claim that science disproves God, Dowd says, "Sure, the god he's talking about ... a trivial notion of God ... a supreme engineer. There's no evidence for this. But this is not the god I'm talking about."

Hard-core Darwinists and other scientists, including Stenger, may dispute the scientific methodology of Dowd's leap from atoms and molecules as creative building blocks to God as the pinnacle of creative design--but Dowd has stirred up some notable support.

"I hope this perspective ... is a bridge between deeply religious people and mainstream science," Dowd says.

But are secular scientists and the faithful even seeking such a bridge? Come and decide for yourself. The event is free, but donations are accepted.