Rev. Michael Dowd takes evolutionary message to the American heartland

Sample Image In THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION , Reverend Michael Dowd explores the relationship between science and religion, showing that one can accept evolution in a way that strengthens rather than undermines religious faith and values. Backed by some of the world’s top scientists, including 6 Nobel Prize winners and a long list of religious leaders, Dowd’s new book boldly declares that the war between faith and reason is over. He offers the missing link in the debate over Darwin vs. Design: Evolution Theology.

WHY: For decades, the evolution vs. creation conflict has divided schools, families, and American society. Polls and headlines show that the evolution debate rages on across America, with intelligent design gaining popularity over biblical literalism on the one hand and a rash of New Atheist authors riding bestseller lists on the other. Michael Dowd forges a radically fresh “third way” beyond the current impasse and is inspiring a growing meta-religious movement that sees evolution as holy. From pulpits and on campuses across the country, Rev. Dowd preaches that celebrating the universal truth of evolution does not mean turning one’s back on God. “Facts are God’s native tongue,” Dowd asserts.

WHO: Michael Dowd is from a Roman Catholic family and became a born-again Christian at the age of 20 while serving in the U.S. Army as a military police officer in Berlin. In 1981 he stormed out of freshman biology class at a conservative evangelical college when he discovered that evolution was being taught. After receiving a Master of Divinity degree at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dowd had an “evolutionary epiphany” when he heard the scientific story of the universe told in a way that honored all religions. From that moment he knew his life’s calling: evangelizing evolution.
Dowd pastored three churches and organized green living and sustainable neighborhood projects on both coasts before setting out in 2002 with his new bride, atheist science writer and evolutionary humanist Connie Barlow, to live on the road full time. Since then, the couple has traveled North America non-stop, preaching and teaching their unique “Gospel of Evolution” to both religious and non-religious audiences. Over the past six years they have delivered Sunday sermons, evening talks, workshops, seminars, and participatory children’s programs in more than 500 churches, retreat centers, colleges, universities, high schools, grade schools, homeschool associations, nature centers, and public libraries.

WHAT: THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION presents in a lively and accessible manner why it is now possible to view evolution as a divine process; how current science shows that evolution is not meaningless blind chance; practical methods for using evolutionary insights to achieve personal fulfillment and thriving relationships; and how aligning with evolutionary trends can guide activists and others in making our world a better place. As a Christian minister, Dowd especially addresses the concerns that Christians have about evolution, but this book contains insights that will appeal to people of all faiths, and of no faith. Fun and uplifting, THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION goes beyond the current debate to offer up a whole new way of thinking about science, religion, the future, and the meaning and purpose of our lives.


  • Why would 5 Nobel laureates and other leading scientists, including well-known atheists, endorse a book with “Thank GOD” in the title and a Christian fish on the cover? And why would religious leaders from such a diversity of faiths endorse the same book with “Evolution” in the title?
  • How do you reconcile a universe that’s billions of years old with the biblical account of creation?
  • How did a Christian minister and atheist science writer find enough common ground to end up getting married in the first place?
  • What is it like having no permanent home for the last six years, living on the road, sleeping in a van, while you “evangelize evolution” full-time?
  • What do you mean by the “Gospel of Evolution”? What’s the “good news”? How is accepting evolution going to benefit me or my world, or get me into heaven when I die?
  • What’s been the reaction to your message from scientists, and from ministers and churchgoers?
  • What do you mean by “evolutionary Christianity” and “evolutionary Islam”?
  • What is “Evolution Theology” and how is it different from Intelligent Design?
  • How did a former fundamentalist come to evangelize evolution? What converted Michael Dowd?
  • Why does it matter anyway what anyone believes about evolution?