Will science, religion kiss and make up?

Louisville Courier-Journal

'Evolutionary evangelists' laud aspects of Creation Museum

By Peter Smith

Sample Image PETERSBURG, Ky. -- They call themselves "evolutionary evangelists" -- an ordained minister and a science writer who travel full time to proclaim the "kick-butt good news" of evolution.

They travel in a van decorated with a symbol of their gospel: The popular image of the Jesus fish kissing a bumper-sticker parody of that image -- a Darwin fish sprouting feet.

The Rev. Michael Dowd -- author of the new book "Thank God for Evolution!" -- and his wife Connie Barlow, an author of four books on evolution, believe that after years of quarrel, science and religion can kiss and make up.


Evolutionary Theology: How to Love God and Science

Wired News

by Brandon Keim 

Jesus, meet Darwin.In the aftermath of a Texas education official's dismissal for promoting evolution, I spoke yesterday to Michael Dowd, a leading proponent of evolutionary theology.According to Dowd, science and religious faith are not mutually exclusive. Instead, the scientific process is a tool for understanding reality -- and at the heart of that reality is evolution, operating at multiple levels, from the sub-atomic to the human to the cosmic.Dowd, who professed sympathy for intelligent design supporters but criticized their reactionary, circle-the-wagons approach to modernity, doesn't think evolution is mechanistic or pointless. He sees a universal evolutionary trajectory from disorder to order, simplicity to complexity and brutality to cooperation -- and that, he believes, is the grand narrative that will sustain the science-friendly religions of the 21st century.

"Evolutionary theology offers a third way. Rightly understood, evolution is as sacred and meaningful as any of the creation myths," said Dowd, who quoted biology titan E.O. Wilson, sometimes called Darwin's heir: "They evolutionary epic is problaby the best myth we'll ever have."

'Creatheist' reconciles evolution, religion

Northwest Florida Daily News

The Rev. Michael Dowd says science can prove other stories correct

Sample ImageNICEVILLE — The Rev. Michael Dowd is on a mission to reconcile science and religion.     “Who would let a first-century dentist fill our children’s teeth?” Dowd asked Tuesday. “But we’re letting first-century theologians fill our children’s heads every day.”     A self-proclaimed evolutionary evangelist, Dowd recently released “Thank God for Evolution!”, which states that understanding evolution can actually enhance faith.

Minister binds Bible, evolution

Louisville Courier-Journal

With an exuberance matching the vocation he claims -- "evolutionary evangelist" -- the Rev. Michael Dowd sought yesterday to ignite students' enthusiasm for the belief that science could be reconciled with religious creation stories.

Dowd, author of the new book "Thank God for Evolution!", spoke to high school students at the Muhammad Ali Center as part of the annual Festival of Faiths, sponsored by the Center for Interfaith Relations.

Can God Love Darwin, Too?


Evolutionists Fight the 'Godless' Rap 

By Sharon Begley

Sept. 17, 2007 issue - There may be some battlefields where the gospel's "blessed are the peacemakers" holds true. But despite the work of a growing number of scholars and millions of dollars in foundation funding to find harmony between science and faith, evolution still isn't one of them. Just ask biologist Richard Colling. A professor at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois and a lifelong member of the evangelical Church of the Nazarene, Colling wrote a 2004 book called "Random Designer" because—as he said in a letter to students and colleagues this year—"I want you to know the truth that God is bigger, far more profound and vastly more creative than you may have known." Moreover, he said, God "cares enough about creation to harness even the forces of [Darwinian] randomness."

Couple speak about evolution, religion

Press & Sun-Bulletin

By Brian Liberatore

BINGHAMTON -- Using the tools and tenor of an evangelical Christian, Michael Dowd teaches evolution as the foundation of religion.

Dowd and his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, who five years ago gave up their home to tour the country in a van preaching evolution, spoke Monday evening at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Riverside Drive in Binghamton.

Abandoning a worldview of evolution and religion as conflicting ideologies, Dowd preaches evolutionary history as an ultimate truth compatible to the world's religious traditions.

"It (evolution) is a story that includes all stories," Dowd told about 75 people. "We promote the marriage of science and religion for personal and planetary well-being."

Are you older than dirt? Nah. But water ...

St. Petersberg Times

A former pastor will discuss how evolution and creationism can coexist and thrive.

By Eileen SchulteCLEARWATER - You, sitting there. Do you feel old this morning?Well, consider this, courtesy of author Michael Dowd: You are older than you thought.A lot older.Cosmically, you are about 14-billion years old, the same age as the universe - give or take 20, 40 or 80 years, whenever your birth certificate says you were born, says Dowd, a former pastor speaking to the Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater this week.He said the water that makes up the majority of our bodies was formed about 3.5-billion years ago."We are literally stardust," he said. "The atoms of our bodies were created inside the bellies of giant stars that lived and died before our sun was born.

'Thank God for Evolution!'

Louisville Courier-Journal

Finally, the war between science and religion is over. The winner? All of us. With supporters from an incredibly wide spectrum of backgrounds and beliefs, including five Nobel laureates, Thank God for Evolution! [by the Rev. Michael Dowd] builds bridges, provides guidance, and restores realistic hope for humanity and the body of life as a whole.

A movement has been growing over the past few decades that takes our common creation story -- the epic of cosmic, biological, and human evolution revealed by science -- as the basis for a meaningful view of our place in the universe. … Dowd, America's evolutionary evangelist, is at the forefront of this movement. This well-informed, thoroughly researched, and inspired book proclaims a gospel billions of years old.

Finding My Religion

San Francisco Chronicle

By David Ian Miller

The evolution-versus-creationism debate is one of those perennial hot-button issues, like abortion and school prayer, that almost invariably leads to polarization. It seems as if you either think there's a place for teaching a biblical perspective in the schools, as many fundamentalist Christians contend, or you believe evolution, grounded in scientific fact, is the only paradigm worth exploring.

Michael Dowd is an itinerant preacher who believes he has found a middle path that transcends and includes both camps. For the past three years, Dowd, a nondenominational Christian minister, and his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, have been driving across the country, stopping at Christian and Unitarian Universalist churches, Jewish synagogues, Quaker meeting houses and Buddhist meditation centers to teach religious audiences about evolution. Their goal is to present a story of the universe, which they call the "great story," in a way that people -- whatever their spiritual orientation -- can embrace.

Thank God for Evolution!

WIE Unbound

Michael Dowd is on a mission from God–the God of Evolution, that is. A former evangelical minister and protégé of the great Thomas Berry, Dowd travels around the United States spreading what he calls a new gospel (aka: The Great Story or Evolutionary Christianity), an all encompassing cosmic story that he hopes will serve as the basis for a new and universal spiritual mythos capable of bridging the gap between science and religion, faith and the future of the humanity. In this exclusive Unbound interview, Dowd speaks with Carter Phipps about his work, his life on the road (for the last four years!), and his vision of a great Wilberian transcend-and-include flip he hopes will help propel us from a “my God vs. your God”, “my belief vs. your fact” world into one where a higher unity founded on evolutionary truths, awe-inspiring scientific fact, and yes—religious order—might one day prevail.

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