Welcome to ThankGodforEvolution.com!

Hello and thank you for visiting ThankGodforEvolution.com! I'm thrilled you are here. No matter what your background or beliefs, you are in for a treat.

I can't even begin to express how excited I am (blown away, actually) by the overwhelming response generated by the pre-publication galleys of Thank God for Evolution that were sent out to thought leaders in June. There's obviously a hunger in America and beyond for a credible, bridge-building perspective that can inspire realistic hope among evangelicals, atheists, and everyone in between.

I invite you to spend at least a few minutes perusing Advance Praise for Thank God for Evolution. You will find endorsements from leaders across the theological and philosophical spectrum—from many of the world's most esteemed scientists (including 6 Nobel laureates), to renowned theologians, pastors, priests, rabbis, and ministers of different faith traditions, and to many, many others—some devoutly religious, others nonreligious, still others rabidly antireligious. 

What I imagine unites this amazing and diverse group is a shared yearning to see us collectively move beyond the science and religion impasse to a place of mutual respect and mutual enrichment. That's what Thank God for Evolution! promises. And if the responses are any indication, apparently that's what it delivers.

Speaking of promises, I invite you to preview or listen to my Author's Promises, as they shall appear in the book. I take these promises very seriously. They reflect the heart and soul of the Thank God for Evolution! message. I also encourage you to bookmark this site. We have exciting things in store as the launch date of November 1st approaches, and for the months that follow.