UU's: Celebrating Evolution

The last five and a half years Connie and I have travelled America (with three excursions into Canada) doing programs in churches, retreat centers, colleges, universities, and other religious and educational settings. We have delivered Sunday sermons, evening programs, and multi-day workshops in more than five hundred churches, convents, monasteries, and spiritual centers, including liberal and conservative Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Unitarian Universalist, Unity, Religious Science, Quaker, Mennonite, and Buddhist groups. We have also presented audience-appropriate versions of our evolution-celebrating message in nearly a hundred secular settings, including colleges, high schools, grade schools, nature centers, zoos, and public libraries. You can see the various places we've been here.

Some people ask me, when they notice that we've spoken in more than 250 Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships, "Why do you speak in so many UU settings?" The answer is simple. Unitarians are the low hanging fruit when it comes to evolution because most UU's get (at least intuitively) that the worldwide, self-correcting scientific enterprise results in collective intelligence. The Unitarian Universalist Association is the only mainline religious body that completely and religiously embraces a mainstream science view of evolution. Indeed, the national membership magazine of the UUA, the UU World, has featured the Great Story—that is, a sacred view of cosmic, biological, and human history—twice on their cover. The first time was the Nov/Dec 1998 issue, which consisted mostly of excerpts from Connie Barlow's amazing book, Green Space Green Time: The Way of Science. When I read this article, I immediately thought to myself, "I have to read this book and meet the author!" Little did I know then that, not long after we would meet two years later, Connie would become my wife.

The second time that the UU World featured the epic of evolution was in Spring of 2006. Amy Hassinger wrote a fabulous cover article on Connie's and my travelling ministry and the hopeful message we share with audiences everywhere. It's also a great overview of the movement. If you've not yet seen this UU World cover article, or if it's been awhile since you have, I highly recommend it. It's the best!