It Just Doesn't Get Any Better!

As I mentioned toward the end of my second blog post, "Life as an Evolutionary Evangelist", one of the richest aspects of our itinerant lifestyle is falling ever more deeply in love with Nora (North America), in all her stupendous beauty and diversity. September and early October in New England are fabulous in this regard. Here I am atop Mt. Chocorua, near Tamworth, NH, a few weeks ago.

Hiking up Mt. Chocorua was especially meaningful for me, as this was the first mountain I climbed in my youth, nearly forty years ago. My father took me to Chocorua when I was ten years old, and I had long forgotten what a formative experience it was. When I was back at the summit three weeks ago, however, I remembered clearly. Tears streamed down my face. I had my cell phone with me, so I was able to leave a message of gratitude on my dad's voice mail.

One of Connie's and my most meaningful (and playful) rituals is regularly immersing ourselves in the rivers, streams, and lakes of Nora, as well as in Oceania (both Atlantic and Pacific oceans). The picture to the right is Connie at high tide, jumping 15 feet off a cliff on the coast of Maine into a pool in the ocean we call Ziggy. Yes, the north Atlantic is chilly in mid autumn (last year we communed with Ziggy daily from Labor Day thorough November 4th!). For us, the plunge is utterly lifegiving. Any time we have reason to be in New England, I'm sure we'll take a quick trip to Prouts Neck, Maine and jump into Ziggy. Life just doesn't get any better than climbing Chocorua one day and jumping into Ziggy the next!