Inspiring Podcasts

Nearly every Sunday morning, year-round, I am delivering a sermon as a guest minister in some Unitarian Universalist, Christian, or New Thought church. How do I keep my own soul fed and expanded with the ideas of others?

Reading books has always been a big part of my life, but now with the Internet, I can also listen to AUDIOS of sermons and spiritual broadcasts. Many churches produce podcasts for just that purpose. On our Great Story website, my wife, Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer, posts a web list of her personal favorite sermon podcasts. Or, just google around and see if you find any that speak to your heart. When you find really great ones, please email me at Michael(at)TheGreatStory(dot)com and let me know.

A weekly Internet radio podcast that I particularly enjoy is "Interfaith Voices", hosted by Maureen Fiedler. Maureen did a splendid job interviewing me this past summer. (Truly! I recommend taking the time to listen to it.) You can access this interview directly on the Audio & Video page of this TGFE site. You can also listen to it on the Interfaith Voices website. I am still working my way down through the full list of Maureen's archived programs, as each is a window into a way of spiritually perceiving the world and current events.