Evolutionary Revival!

On February 15, I was honored to participate in an evolutionary revival -- likely, the world's first evolutionary revival. It was fabulous!

This first evolutionary revival was hosted by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego. It was the brainchild of UU member Keith Mesecher (photo above), a musician with a knack for composing songs that are simple enough for everyone to sing and understand, yet profoundly inspiring. Beginning last September, Keith and his band have been providing the musical frame for a monthly, Friday-night "Cosmos" service at the church. For the revival, Keith ramped up the scale of his usual program and moved it from the chapel to the sanctuary.

My wife and I happily produced core components of this special event. Connie used her techie skills to compose digital slides, verse by verse, for all the songs. She chose beautiful photos of space and Earth to provide the background on which the text appeared. Projecting these slides onto a big screen made it possible for all 150 participants to join in the singing of praise -- to Cosmic Creativity, to God, to whatever one feels is drawing us into gratitude, reverence, and celebration.

Connie also narrated the "evolutionary parable", working with 3 volunteers who acted out the parts to "Startull: The Story of an Average Yellow Star". Because this parable draws upon the scientific understanding of how the atoms in our bodies came into being inside giant, ancestor stars, Connie needed to deliver a mini-science lesson first. This she chose to accomplish not by lecture but through song.

I came onstage toward the end of the evening to deliver the sermon component, leading up to a call to commitment. I was moved to watch almost the entire audience stand in solidarity, as we each committed to serve the future: the future of humanity, of the life community, of this amazing journey.

But no question: what made this a celebratory event was the quality of the songs and the enthusiasm of all who joined to sing and dance in praise. And for that, I applaud the achievement of visionary Keith Mesecher. NOTE: Keith and his band are working on a CD of songs, songsheets, and digital slides so that other churches are empowered to grow their own expressions of evolutionary revivals.

Visit the brief picture essay that Connie posted of this historic event.